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We'll dose out your medications and then deliver them, too! Contact our knowledgeable and caring team to ask how to sign up for this great option.

Why choose unit dose packaging?

  • Easy dosage

  • No additional fees

  • Packing for up to a month at a time

  • Bubble pack to help with compliance

If you have special behavioral needs, we can help. Ask us for information on our special services that include contacting your physician for your order or additional directions.

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Consider FREE delivery services

Medication flavor enhancers are available so that you don't have to worry about unsavory tastes in your important medicines. These enhancers do not impact the active ingredients in the drugs.

Take Advantage of Our FREE Delivery Service.

Helping you with all your medication needs

If you need assistance with laying out your medications, turn to Shoals Pharmacy. We'll help you know which medications to take and when.


Unit dose packaging is an excellent service that may benefit your family. Speak to our crew to learn more.


As a local pharmacy, we tend to have great working relationships with doctors in the area, which can be an asset for you. We can contact your physician directly to ensure that you don't need to bother calling and reordering your script.


Visit our third-generation pharmacy today to see how we can help you improve your quality of life.

Enjoy a short waiting time of just about 4 to 5 minutes!

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