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Become healthier and live a better lifestyle by learning how drugs may work for you. We provide you with compliance and adherence information and can work with you on your compliance levels.


We'll work with you to provide real solutions that will increase compliancy and help you feel better.

Reasons you may not be compliant

  • Forgetting to take the medicine

  • Undesireable side effects

  • Cost

When you visit us, be sure to ask about possible medication flavor enhancers. We offer a wide range of tasty flavors for your complete satisfaction!

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As a family owned and locally operated facility, we care about your satisfaction with every transaction at our pharmacy. The prices we offer are comparable and the services we provide are of high quality.

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Manage your prescriptions effectively

Shoals Pharmacy will work with your insurance and medical providers through a MTM platform to manage your prescriptions and medication therapies effectively and efficiently.


Your insurance company will then contact our team through the website, and we'll keep in touch with you to let you know the status.


Please bring us your medications for the purpose of explaining which drugs you are on and why, and we'll formulate a good treatment plan for you.

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